New subscriber to the Code of Banking Practice

Beirut Hellenic Bank has announced that in line with the Bank’s policy to further improve the products and services offered to its customers, it will be adopting the Australian Bankers Association’s voluntary Code of Banking Practice starting 1 January 2012.

James Wakim, General Manager & CEO, stressed, “Beirut Hellenic Bank has been guided by the principles of the Code of Banking Practise and by adopting it formally will reinforce the Bank’s duty towards delivering the systems and processes required to meet Best Practice standards set out by the Code”.

“Being a member of the Australian Banker’s Association, Beirut Hellenic Bank aims at reaching the highest banking practice standards, ensuring that customers receive all the relevant information they require when making their financial decisions for their personal or business needs” said James Wakim.

(Update – Beirut Hellenic Bank is now known as Bank of Sydney)