CCMC Work Plan 2014 to 2017

The CCMC is pleased to release its Work Plan for the period 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2017.

This Work Plan has been designed to assist the CCMC to undertake its key functions in an efficient and effective manner. In effect it is a three-year rolling plan that will be regularly reviewed and revised to ensure that the highest priority work is always completed first. The key features of the plan are:

  • continuing to be a trusted and valued partner by engaging with stakeholders;
  • demonstrating value to our stakeholders by providing excellent Code monitoring services, including investigating complaints; and
  • assisting banks to improve the standards of banking practice. 

During 2014-15 our priorities are to:

  • conduct an Own Motion Inquiry in respect of Financial Difficulty;
  • develop a risk based monitoring framework to align our monitoring activities with areas of identified risk;
  • increase  awareness of the CCMC operations amongst consumer and small business advocates;
  • develop an online application to improve the collection and analysis of compliance data; and
  • publish guidance on the CCMC’s interpretation of its Mandate and the Code obligations.

A copy of the Work Plan can be found here.