Our Secretariat

The CCMC’s work is supported by a Secretariat, which provides code monitoring and administrative services to the Committee.

Sally DavisSally Davis

Chief Executive Officer 
September 2015 – current

Sally was appointed as Chief Executive Officer on 1 September 2015. She was previously Senior Manager of Systemic Issues at FOS, having worked at FOS and its predecessor schemes for almost 15 years. Sally is an accredited mediator and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Melbourne and a Graduate Diploma (Arts) from Monash University. She is also the General Manager of Code Compliance and Monitoring at AFCA.
Sally brings to this position extensive experience in financial services, as well as good relationships with regulators, industry and consumer groups from her work at FOS.



Donna Stevens

Compliance Manager
June 2017 – current

Donna has a background in the banking industry and in law, she holds a Bachelor of Law and Legal Practice from Flinders University.  Donna joined the CCMC after 7 years with the Westpac Group where she specialised in litigation and internal and external dispute resolution. Her experience spans a number of jurisdictions and areas of the retail banking sector, some of which include: disputes arising offshore,  banking fraud, consulting on matters of general banking compliance and strategy, and collections.

She is responsible for delivering the CCMC’s Code monitoring program as set out in its annual work plan.


René van de Rijdt

Investigations Manager
September 2017 – current

René has a background in law and external dispute resolution. He holds a Bachelor of Law from Monash University and a Bachelor of Planning and Design from the University of Melbourne.
René joined the CCMC after five years at FOS as a Case Manager in both financial difficulty dispute resolution and systemic issues investigations. Prior to this he was a solicitor at the Consumer Action Law Centre, Australia’s largest consumer law legal and policy centre.
His role includes managing targeted investigations and information gathering to enable the CCMC to report concerns and trends in relation to the Code.


Liam Cronin

Compliance Analyst
January 2013 – current

Liam has a number of years’ experience across financial services, including in a compliance monitoring role with a large UK bank. His strong analytic skills assist the CCMC in scoping and developing inquiries and in the interpretation and reporting of industry data.

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The Secretariat can be contacted on Tel 1800 931 678 or by email.