Before you report a concern

The Code of Banking Practice gives us certain powers to investigate allegations that a bank has breached the Code – find out more about our Mandate under the Code.

We can investigate your concern when all four points on this checklist are met.

When we can investigate your concern

The Bank subscribes to the Code

Not all banks subscribe to the Code – find out which banks subscribe.
Your allegation relates to a banking service in Australia

The issue relates to an individual or small business customer or their guarantor

The Code covers the issue

To find out what issues are covered download a copy of the Code of Banking Practice (PDF 6.68 MB)

When we will not investigate your complaint

You want compensation, restitution or another type of individual outcome   Firstly, try to resolve the matter with your bank. If you are unable to do so, contact the Australian Financial Complaints Authority or seek independent advice.
You want us to fine the bank or issue penalties   We don’t have this power. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) regulates banks’ licences and has the power to issue fines and penalties in some cases.
You want us to declare the rights and entitlements of the parties   Only courts, tribunals and similar forums have these powers.
A court, tribunal or similar forum has previously decided if the bank has complied with the Code   We will adopt the finding of that forum.
There is a more appropriate forum for the matter.   In some cases an alternate forum may be better placed to investigate the matter. For example, while the Code refers to privacy laws, the office of the Australian Information Commissioner is a more suitable forum to investigate privacy concerns.

Need more advice?

Please contact us on Tel 1800 931 678 (a telephone service provided by AFCA) or email us.

Our useful resources page lists organisations throughout Australia that help consumers with banking and financial matters.

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