Annual reports

CCMC Annual Report 2016-17

CCMC Annual Report 2016-17

Our purpose is to assure the community that subscribing banks honour their Code obligations to their customers.

The Banking Code Compliance Monitoring Committee’s Annual Report describes our work to realise this purpose between July 2016 and June 2017. It highlights:

  • Breaches of the Code self-reported by banks.
  • Data related to internal dispute resolution and requests for financial difficulty assistance.
  • The CCMC’s work related to the provision of credit, banking services for Indigenous customers and the cancellation of direct debits.
  • The independent reviews of the Code and the CCMC.

The Annual Report is available online or as a PDF via the link below.

CCMC Annual Report 2016-17 PDF (1.62 MB, 24 pages)

Please contact us to request printed copies.

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